MWT Posters

You may have seen ManageWithoutThem posters around your workplace (or in your clients' workplace). Or maybe you want to decorate your own office / cubicle with some thought-provoking posters which introduce the MWT Model.

Through cooporation with Benoit Dicaire from Infrax professional services, some posters are also available in French.

The following posters are available for download:

I'm sorry is my work interfering with your management again? English version French version
It's easier to manage 10 people than it is to be managed by 10 people English version  
Plan with Models, Manage with Markets English version  
The Document is not the Project English version French version
Seven Steps to Successful IT transformation English version  
Management is the process of determining which decisions don't have to be made by consensus English version  

Alternatively, posters are also available at storage.