The MWT Model

But why 'manage without them'?

Where is your manager now? Chances are they aren't anywhere to be seen. You are already 'without them' - but this isn't the only reason to manage without them... Read more


The ManageWithoutThem model (MWT Model) is a market-based management model for organisations. It has been in development since 1999 and continues to evolve and become more complete (and more practical).

Far from an organisational laissez-faire, the MWT Model forces organisations to be explicit about their values and collaboration processes. In such an environment management itself changes from planning, monitoring, and controlling to simply ‘what collaborating individuals share’ (we call this constitution-based management).

The ManageWithoutThem model also provides a framework for operationalising a corporation’s brand to become its primary horizontal organising mechanism. An operationalised brand has a higher actionable authority than any particular manager, organisational structure, or process.

Though not dependant on technology, the MWT Model increases the value delivered by IT investments by focusing the implementation of information technology towards the creation of markets. This approach means information technology increases the transparency of your organisation (to the management team) rather than reducing it (like many IT implementations can).

Key aspects of the MWT Model

The MWT Model consists of the following main sections features:

The MWT Management Components... These are the new components of 'management' that a MWT organisation recognises. These components replace the traditional view of management which focuses on managerialism, planning, and intervention. The new MWT management components include: technology-enabled markets, collaboration architectures, operationalised brands, and The New MWT Hierarchy... Read more

The MWT Management Transformation... This is the process for transforming an organisation into a MWT organisation. It is one thing to describe the end vision of a MWT organisation but another to transform the organisation itself. Also, the transformation process ensures a distinctive organisation is created with real competitive advantage. Only by transforming into a MWT organisation via this process will a distinctive, competitive organisation, which takes advantage all the organisation's competencies and capabilities, be created... Read more

MWT Core Concepts and Themes... These core concepts, or themes, represent the character of a manage without them organisation. The focus here is on the themes that are contrary to the traditional view of organisations and managerialism... Read more

Support Material

In addition to the main sections the following supporting material is also available:

MWT Articles

These articles introduce the MWT Model indirectly; as well as showing examples of how effective organisations utilise the MWT Model or mechanisms comparable to the MWT Model.


MWT Posters

Decorate your workplace cubical with thought provoking posters introducing the MWT Model.

MWT Visualisation Library

Organisations that commit to the MWT Model are making a commitment to communication. Developing a continuous shared understanding of collaboration requires visualisation.


MWT Book

The MWT Book(s) introduce the MWT Model in more detail than this web site. Supporting books introduce MWT Collaboration Architectures for particular industries or project types.

Case Studies / Collaboration Architectures

One of the core components of the MWT Model is the concept of 'collaboration architectures'. Collaboration architectures describe knowledge and agreements that all collaborating individuals should share in order to manage a particular type of endeavor.

A case study MWT Collaboration Architecture has been defined for Technology-Enabled Business Transformation projects and is called MWT/TEBT.

In additional to the case study collaboration architecture defined for technology-enabled business transformation (MWT/TEBT) there are pre-packaged collaboration architectures and associated implementation services are available through MWT/Express. MWT/Express offerings include collaboration architecture to accelerate Organisational Change Management, IT Outsourcing, and Operationalising Your Brand.